Reflection on 601

As this is the first unit of my SUNY masters program, I was slightly apprehensive and wasn’t entirely sure what to expect.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and have learnt so much about technology and it has opened my eyes to the many different ways that I can use it in my PE classes. 

In my aims for the course, I mentioned that I wanted to use different tools to enhance my teaching – I feel like I have done this and used the resources as much as I could do in the 3 week time period. 

Social networking – I have made myself a Pinterest account and am currently in the process of making a display board out of some pictures. This will be put up next week otherwise I’m sure I would have blogged about it. 

Measuring fitness and GPS- at the moment I’ve only done this for my own fitness and running through Nike+ by using my GPS watch. But there are so many apps out there to choose from depending on which class I’ve got and what I want the students to track. 

Video analysis – This was done in a blog post that I did for climbing and looking at technique and letting the student see for himself how he could improve.

Collecting data – after looking at John’s post about Google forms and how they can be utilised in PE I can see that this will be a simple and effecting way of collecting necessary data from the students. I can’t wait to use it.

During the course, I have learnt how to make my first Petcha Kucha, my first podcast and also my first Screencast as well.  All useful and valid skills to learn when you’re in a modern and IT techy school as ISM. 

Thanks Steve for the course,  I just hope that the other 9 units are just as fun!


How the yoga went…

After doing my PK on how you can benefit from yoga if you are a professional athlete, I did try this out on one of my classes as I said I would.

Even walking into the room where all the yoga mats were laid out ready to start, the boys were saying…’but I wanted to work-out today’ – as they’re pumping their arm muscles up and down frantically. ‘Do we have to do yoga?’. ‘What happens if we don’t do yoga?’. After a few short, persuasive conversations they had no choice but to give it a go. So off came their shoes and socks and they went to find a mat, (after all this some wanted to share mats – baring in mind they are 6 foot something) but we were ready for the class to begin.


Mrs Duell, our own personal yoga guru took on the daunting task of teaching them a few static moves and then eventually putting them into a flow. I think we can safely say that they got a workout. Never in my life have I heard so many moans and groans coming from a class, if anyone was walking past they would have thought I was murdering them or something…


With the smell from 23 teenagers of a mixture of sweat and feet, the class was in full flow. I’m really pleased that they tried so hard throughout  I think most of them enjoyed it but considering there was such a negative vibe from a few key players during the week leading up to it, it was generally a positive experience and I hope that they will try this again in the future.the class and it was obvious that they were putting a lot of effort in, even if it wasn’t something that they originally wanted to do.

photo-9 photo-7 photo-8


Engage pupils

Isn’t this what we’re paid to do? Making sure that we engage the students in our classes? The way that technology is taking over everything is amazing and there are over 900,000 apps world wide so there is one for pretty much anything you need to do but in school I still think that technology has got a time and a place. The article by Marc Prensky, ‘Engage or Enrage’ doesn’t mention PE teaching as such, but just classroom teaching. Is technology necessary all the time?

Some people say that in PE it is easier to engage students as they can just ‘play games’ and have fun and they want to be there. If this is the case, at times, technology could be a hinderance. PE is the perfect time when students can log off, shut down and just run around like the good old days. They have the opportunity to be on their computers in every other lesson and some spend all evening on them as well so for the 70 minutes of PE I’m sure they’ll cope with not using any technology. We’re trying to promote healthy living for life and I feel that always looking at a computer or iPad isn’t necessary ALL the time.

Saying this, technology is everywhere in sport, on the tennis courts, on the golf courses, in the swimming pools. However, there is a bit of a difference between the necessity for these professional athletes and trying to promote lifelong physical activity in schools.

There are many apps out there for PE teachers to be used in the classroom, mainly video analysis such as Coaches Eye, Ubersense or software like Dartfish. I have used these in previous schools and can definitely see the benefits when doing peer and self assessment.


I can see both the benefits and the hinderances of technology in PE and am happy to try anything once. I am enjoying learning and keeping up to date with the latest technological advances but the main thing is to keep the children moving and having fun! 



So the reason that I asked the question on Twitter was that the device that is used here for timing for Cross Country at ISM is this…


After the Cross Country meet at a local school in Manila on Saturday morning (when it was raining), this happened…


AARGHHHHH!!!!! And as good and as accurate as this is as it’s been used for years we had to quickly write down the times and the order of the runners as they came in, otherwise we would have lost the times. So I thought straight away, this is definitely something for the technology course and there surely has to be some sort of app out there for schools Cross Country. This is what has lead me to the tweet that I sent out for the pechat.

So during the next training session, I’ll definitely have a go at the different ways that would be the most efficient to time the runners as they come over the finish line.

More to come. I bet you’re all on the edge of your seats…

Twitter reply

My first twitter reply from the PE Geek himself…


This is all too exciting! And it proves that twitter actually works for any help you may need with school stuff. I have to admit, I was a bit dubious before but I’ll definitely be using it again in the future…


I’ve managed to stay off Twitter (or as my American friends call it Twiderrrrrr) for a long time as I knew I’d get addicted to it. So guess what’s happened…! There have been jokes in the past made that I have my phone super glued to the palm of my hand already so Twitter is the last thing I need! But I understand that it can be a great tool for teaching resources, especially as things are moving so fast nower days. I’m following about 160 people (not celebrities but sporty people or PE techno geeks!).

I’ve just made my first tweet (from my phone as it’s blocked in school?!?) asking if anyone knows of any Cross County timing apps, so I’ll keep you posted! 


Twitter: howarthISM